Page templates: Add sections to other parts of your site

The Venue theme (version 4.1.0 onwards) has the ability to add 'sections' to pages and product pages. Sections are normally only available to be used on the homepage of your store. Happily this means you can make your 'other' pages and product pages much more rich in content and appearance.

You do this by utilising the built-in templates. The available templates are as follows

  • page.sections - adds content sections to your 'other' pages such as 'About us' or 'Our story'
  • product.sections - adds content sections to your product pages, for example a Testimonials section to your most popular product

There are also two additional templates called  page.faq and which add an FAQs section or a contact form to pages. These are slightly outside the scope of this article but links are below if you wish to learn more.

Assigning built-in templates

  1. Make sure you are using theme version 4.1.0 (see links below on how to update your theme) or above and that this theme is live on your store, otherwise you will not be able to access the page templates.
  2. Create a new page/product or open an existing page/product in your store admin.
  3. Scroll down to the template settings dropdown - at the bottom right of the page - where it says ‘Template’ 
  4. Select the relevant template such as page.sections or if you are viewing a product product.sections. 
  5. Now go to your theme ‘Customize’ area and navigate to the specific page or a product to which you’ve just assigned the template. You can do that quickly by clicking ‘Home page’ dropdown (in the top bar of your customize screen) and locate the page in question in the dropdown.
  6. Once you are viewing the page/product in question the sidebar (on the left of your screen) will now show a Sections tab - click that. 
  7. Once that Sections tab is open you will be able to see all settings for the template available and add content and re-order it to it by using the available blocks. 
  8. Don't forget to save your work and check it on the live site at desktop and mobile width.

Template limitations

These templates are generally a one-shot deal. For example, if you add some sections to your 'About us' page using the  page.sections template, then decide to assign the page.sections template to your 'Our story' page both pages will display exactly the same custom content. They are using the same template after all.

Likewise if you add some sections to one particular product using the  product.sections template, then decide to assign the same page.sections template to another product both pages will display exactly the same custom content. This can be an advantage if, for example, you want to add something like delivery times across your whole product range quickly.

Achieving unique templates 

In order to place unique content on unique pages/product pages you would have to duplicate a template, and then rename it and upload to your theme files. 

So if you create a duplicate template called  product02.sections for example and assign to a second product this will give you unique sections. You can repeat this process over and over i.e product03.sections, product04.sections, product05.sections etc.

We strongly recommend you do this with the help of a developer as it's a fairly complex task. We're afraid we can't provide support for duplicating and uploading templates.

You could consider speaking to TaskHusky who carry out small Shopify tasks on an hourly or job rate. 

Shopify also have their own Small Tasks service which you could consider. For larger tasks or ongoing design work it would be a good idea to form a relationship with one of the Shopify Experts on this page

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