Product page: Control the size of your product images

The Venue theme comes with three different layouts - Full Width, Classic (from V1.2.0 / 19 Jul 2017) and Clean (from V4.5.0 / 19 November 2019)

The layout you choose can affect how big your images look in your page. This can be particularly noticeable if you are coming to Venue from Debut, the free starter theme. Debut uses quite small images as the text and other information is placed on the right hand side of the images. If you migrate to Venue and use the Full Width setting this can be a big change as the space for the images is much more generous.

If you are trying to achieve a similar look to Debut we recommend you use the Classic or Clean layouts as outlined below.

Before you start: choose a uniform image ratio

The Venue theme can easily cope with a mixture of product image ratios but our advice is to try and keep them the same if possible. Shopify stores often look more professional and are easier to manage when you use the same ratio for all product images. On our demo stores all of our product image ratios are 1:1 or square.

If you prefer a more 'landscape' ratio then 4:3 looks great too. Obviously if your products are better in 'portrait' orientation then 3:4 is a good choice.

If your store has a large mix of product shapes and sizes you can still achieve the same image ratios by placing the image on a uniform 'canvas' in Photoshop (or similar) and then saving the image out. e.g You could create a 1500px x 1500px canvas in Photoshop (with a white background if that's the look you want) and simply place your image shots on top of this canvas in a new layer. This also gives you a chance to decide how much 'white space' your images have and you can also balance how big each product looks in relation to other products in your store.

Alternatively use the crop tool to make all of your product images a uniform ratio.

Option 1: Change the size of your product images by changing layout

Log in your Shopify store admin
Click on Online Store then Themes in the side menu to get to the themes area of your admin.
Click the Customize button next to your active theme to go to the theme editor.

Once the theme editor is open navigate to any product by using the dropdown at the top of the page or your store's navigation inside the editor to navigate to a specific product.

Once you are viewing a product page you will see the Product page section in the sidebar - click that.
At the very top of the product page settings you will see two settings called Layout and Layout width. You can experiment with these and see how the different layout affect the size of your product images. If you desire a similar feel to Debut then choose Classic or Clean. If you want a more dramatic look with generous image sizes opt for Full width.
You can then fine tune the layout even more by using the Layout width setting.
Remember to save and then check your work.

Option 2: Change the size of your product images by changing the size setting

All of the layout settings  -  Full WidthClassic and Clean can also be further fine tuned by using the size dropdown.

Follow steps 1-5 above to edit the product page settings
Once you have the Product page settings open scroll down until you reach the MEDIA settings.

Change your Image size in the dropdown according to your preference.
Remember to save and then check your work.

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