Video gallery: Embed up to six videos

Using the video gallery section

Once you have added the Video gallery section to your home page you then have a few options.

  • Heading -This would typically be something like 'Watch our videos' or 'BrandX TV' or just leave it blank for a minimal look.
  • Text -This would be some short introduction or description text about the section. Leave blank if you don't want to use this field.
  • Link label - use if you want to link off to your videos on YouTube or Vimeo or a separate page in your store - typically 'More videos'.
  • Link - the URL of the link above.

Video blocks

You can add up to six videos to this section. You simply enter the Vimeo or Youtube URL in the required field. Drag and drop the videos into the order you prefer.

Pro tip: You can also use this section for embedding a single video.

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