General settings - Colors: Set up your brand and text colors

General colors

  • Headings - This setting controls the color of every heading (H1, H2 etc), the main navigation links & the prices.
  • Regular text - This setting controls the main text you read in your product descriptions, pages and posts and any general text.
  • Alternate text - This affects share icons, discounted prices, author & tags on a single blog posts and blog summaries, subheadings on the home page and subtext in the map blocks.
  • Brand - this controls the branded borders in the header, the heading underlines, the button color, blog date/on sale label color, video play buttons, the border around user selected images and videos, the comment count bubble and text link underlines.
  • Accent - this is a good if you have a secondary brand color or a lighter version you wish to use. Accent can be used on the product page, product grid, image with text, drawer colours and the map section.
  • Button and label text - this controls the color of text inside branded buttons and blog date/on sale labels. If you use a dark brand color then use a light color here and vice versa.


Drawer colors

The drawer color settings controls the slide out navigation drawer that is used when viewing the store on a mobile device or if you have the header style set to Icons.

These settings also control the same elements of your product filter drawer that is used when viewing a collection page on a mobile device.

  • Background color - the background color of the slide out draw. Select from the dropdown.
  • Text color - if you use a dark background color you should set this to Light and vice versa and this will make your text, links and icons legible.
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