Image with text overlay: Create an impact with text, images & video

Our Venue theme comes with a homepage section called Image with text overlay which can very flexible as it has text, background image, an inline image and the ability to add video.

Ways you can use this section

  • As a mission statement
  • Telling a founder's story
  • Communicating a value proposition
  • As a way to talk about official certification with certification logo
  • As a way to talk about awards with awards logo


This section has the following settings

  • Background image - the edge to edge image behind the text and overlay color.
  • Image alignment - your image may have the main subject at the top or side of the image - use this to line up the image in its container
  • Text - your main message - note: you can leave this blank and just have an image with a video play button.
  • Inline image - a second image which sites on top of the background image and is not affected by the overlay color. This is good for founders signatures, awards logos, secondary logos, additional artwork.
  • Inline image width - how large you wish the inline image to be displayed
  • YouTube or Vimeo link - you can set a video to play in a popup when users click the play button.
  • Link label - You can create a text link at the bottom of this section.
  • Link - the destination of the link above.
  • Section height - how much vertical space you want the section to take up on your home page.
  • Overlay color - this controls the color/tint of the overlay
  • Overlay strength - this controls how opaque the colored overlay will be
  • Text color - If your background image and color overlay are dark, you should set this to Light and vice versa. This makes the text legible.

Pro tip: If you want to use a solid background without an background image simply upload a 10px x 10px jpeg solid block of your chosen color and set the overlay color to transparent.