Product page: Recommend more products

Note: You need to be viewing a product to see the edit options on the left of the theme editor

What is a recommended product section?

You can add a section to your product pages that displays an automatically-generated list of product recommendations. Displaying recommended products to customers makes it easier for them to discover new products, and can help to increase online store sales. Products are recommended based on an algorithm that predicts the most relevant products based on the product a customer is interacting with. Find more info on this here - Shopify: Showing product recommendations on product pages


  • Show dynamic recommendations - turn the section on and off.
  • Heading - the visible title i.e Related products - leave blank for a more minimal look.
  • Mobile layout - carousel or grid.
  • Products per row - how many products are displayed horizontally across the page.
  • Products per row (mobile) - how many products are displayed horizontally across the page on mobile sized devices.
  • Rows - how many products are displayed vertically down the page.

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