Text columns with images: Create small feature blocks

This section is great for creating small feature blocks on your homepage to tell your customers about your product or services.

For example if you had a technology product you could use a mix of icons and short text to talk about the battery performance, the choice of colors, the screen options etc. 

Alternatively if you were a brewery you might use this area to upload label artwork from the beers you have 'on tap' this week in your taproom, along with some description of the drinks.

It's also really good for a team section. You could also delete the headings and text and use it as a logo section.






  • Heading - The heading of the section such as 'Weekly Specials' 'Features'.
  • Text - A few lines of text to talk more about this section as a whole.
  • Text alignment - Centered or inline. You have the option of aligning the text and images inside the content blocks to the left or center.
  • Link label - if you want to link off to a product, collection or page add some text here.
  • Link - the URL of where you want to link to on your site.

Pro tip: Leave the Heading and Text fields blank if you wish to go for a more minimal section style.


You can add up to six blocks of content to this section. You can also drag and drop each block to get them in your preferred order.

  • Image - you can use photos, images or graphics/icons here - see bottom of article for more on this.
  • Heading - Usually the name of the feature 'Battery Life' or a product you have on special 'African Blend Coffee'.
  • Subheading - something like 'Keep you phone working all day' or 'A smooth sweet blend'
  • Text - A couple of sentences that dives deeper into the feature. we find about three or four lines (on desktop width) works best here. 

Images and icons

The images will display at a maximum of 144px. There is no minimum width or ratio set by us. If you want to make your images/icons look uniform then please make sure they are all the same ratio (1:1 square is probably best) and the same width. If your images/icons are smaller than 144px wide they may look stretched.