Events: Generate your Eventbrite Access Token

With selected Safe As Milk themes you are able to set up an embedded Eventbrite feed and display forthcoming events on your home page.

To display a feed on your store you'll need to add your Eventbrite Access Token to the Shopify theme editor. The Eventbrite token is required so it can authorize Shopify to access your events in order to display them. 

The solution

If you don't know your token you will need to generate one. 

1. Click the Eventbrite Access Token link in the theme editor. Or simply visit this page


2. You will be redirected to a page on our website that we have set up to make the process easier for you. Click on the Generate Access Token button.


3. After clicking the button you'll be prompted to authorize access to your Eventbrite feed. You might have to log in if you haven't done so already. 


4. Once this is complete you will be redirected back to a web page on our site where your token will be visible. You can click Copy To Clipboard to save time if you wish.


5. Now simply copy this token and paste it in your Shopify theme editor in the Eventbrite Access Token field.


6. That's it! Your customers now can see your upcoming events on your store home page. Don't forget to click Save in your theme editor.

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