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After a customer accepts marketing from your online store, their email address shows on the Customers page of your Shopify admin. Click Email subscribers to show only the customers who have agreed to receive promotional emails. There are several apps you can use to connect these customers to third party email services such as Klaviyo. Shopify has also released its own app to enable you to send marketing emails direct from your Shopify admin.

On our themes there are several places where visitors can sign up to receive newsletters from you. Most commonly these are found in the footer of the site as a newsletter signup form and/or a newsletter signup inside a popup. There is also a form in the password page.

Screenshot_2017-05-19_16.51.52.pngCustomers vs Mailchimp integration

When a visitor sends their email to you via these forms their details will be added to the Customers section of your admin.

Note: When customers check out they will also be asked by Shopify if they want to accept marketing. If they agree they will also be added to this Customers section but you will have more data like their spend and products they bought.


Both visitors and buying customer will be added to this Customers section of your admin if they have agreed to accept marketing. You can then export these customers if you wish.

Alternatively you can use the Mailchimp app (other email company apps are available) to automatically connect them to a list in Mailchimp. You can tag your customers which allows you to segment your Mailchimp lists i.e tag everyone with 'denim' to create a mailout just to people who buy denim products from your store. Read more on the Shopify Help Center.

Although searching is useful to find a single customer, filtering allows you to see all the customers that match one or more criteria. From your Shopify admin, you can filter customers by:

  • money spent
  • number of orders
  • date an order was placed
  • date the customer was created
  • accepts marketing
  • date an order was abandoned
  • account status
  • tags
  • location by country

Pro tip: When installing the free Mailchimp app log in to Mailchimp first, it makes the process smoother.

Popups on mobile

The popup does not display on mobile devices. For more information on this please read the related article linked in the bottom of this page.

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