Tumblr themes: Hide page elements

The are quite a lot of elements you can hide in addition to the standard Tumblr 'Show avatar', 'Show title' and 'Show description'

Some of our themes allows you to achieve an ultra-minimal look.

To start click the 'Edit theme' icon on the top right  of your logged in home page to open the edit side panel.

Look for the following option panels:

Show notes on home - this will swap the date stamp for the note count indicator on individual posts

Show icons and meta on home - this shows/hides the note count, date stamp, share, reblog and like icons

Show captions on home - this shows/hides photo captions when you hover a photo post

Show post container - this shows/hides a grey container on non-photo posts - useful if you want all posts to look 'blocky'

Show archive link  - this shows/hides the navigation link in the main menu

Show tag dropdown - this shows/hides the tag dropdown you may have set up

Show related posts - this shows/hides the area below individual post pages with other blog posts from your site that the reader might like


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