Tumblr themes: Use infinite scroll on your theme

Our premium themes comes with three ways for your readers to view more posts

Infinite scroll - this is where the posts keep loading automatically as the reader hits the bottom of their browser. Make sure you have pagination controls off for this to work.

Pagination controls - this loads posts in groups of pages, the reader clicks a left or right arrow or link to go to the next page or the previous one

Load more - a simple down arrow or link that when clicked loads more posts. This option is activated when the other two are switched off

You can set these up easily and quickly in your customize side panel after hitting the 'edit theme' button on your home page.

Top tip:

For the Load more and Pagination options you can increase the number of posts displayed before seeing the arrow controls. Go into the advanced options (look for the link at the bottom of your screen when editing your theme) and bump up the 'Posts per page' number to 15 or whatever you prefer. 

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