Tumblr themes: Use Typekit and other webfont services

You can use any kind of third-party font, plugin or script on our premium themes. 

At the very bottom of the options list in your 'Edit theme' panel you will find fields custom scripts on the head or footer of the theme code. you can also add custom font names if required. 

For example to use Typekit fonts:

  1. Create new font kit in Typekit. Make sure to use correct URL to your blog.
  2. Typekit will provide you with two <script> tags that need to be pasted in the 'Edit theme' panel under 'Extra head scripts'
  3. In the Typekit font setup select your desired fonts and add your selectors and click Publish. 
  4. Now custom fonts should be visible on your blog. 

Other third-party fonts, plugin or scripts will be a similar process. If you get stuck email us on support@safeasmilk.co

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