Tumblr themes: Put an image behind your sidebar menu

Some of our themes such as Mute allow for you you to upload an image to be used as a background in your sidebar menu.

To start click the 'Edit theme' icon on the top right  of your logged in home page to open the edit side panel.

Look for the following panels:

Sidebar image - this is where you select an image to upload.

Sidebar color - this is where you can choose a color overlay or tint for your uploaded image. If you aren't using an image this changes the solid color of your sidebar.

Sidebar content style - if you've uploaded a very dark image you'll want the menu content to be 'light' so you can read it and vice versa. The same applies if you are using a solid color.

Sidebar overlay strength - it can look really striking to add a semi-opaque color tint or overlay to your image, in the example below we've used a dark green but set it to 60% so you can see the image underneath.

Top tip: It would help your site to load faster if you avoid using a massive image for your sidebar. We suggest a width of 715px and a height of 800px. Try to use the 'Save for web' option in Photoshop to reduce the file size to 150 kb max.

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