Venue - Sections - Add a video slide to your slideshow

In the Slideshow section of the Venue theme you can use a silent video background instead of a static image. To use a video background you need to choose the Video slide block type when adding a new slide. Since Venue version 4.6.3 and Creative version 1.0.0 you can use 'self-hosted' MP4 videos as well as videos streamed from YouTube. We recommend you use the self-hosted video option for better store performance and page loading.

Pro tip: Video slides can significantly affect down the page loading speed and general performance of your store. We recommend you use static images over video slides if performance is a priority.

Self-hosted MP4 video

Make sure your video is exported in .mp4 format and has compression applied for the smallest possible file size without compromising quality too much. We recommend using 720p resolution for optimal size and quality. To upload video in your Shopify admin area navigate to Settings > Files. Click the Upload file button and select your video from your computer drive. Once uploaded the video will appear in the files list. Copy its URL and paste it into the MP4 video link field of your video slide block (see the image above).

YouTube video

YouTube will resize and compress videos automatically so you don't need to worry about size and format. Simply upload your video to YouTube and copy its public URL in the address bar of your browser. You can also click the Share icon/button and copy a shorter URL if you wish. Then paste the URL/link in the YouTube video link field of your video slide block (see the image above).

The YouTube videos included within the video section are currently using the YouTube API which slightly compresses the video to 720p. Whilst using this API, we unfortunately don't have much control over how the video loads into the page or the quality. If this is an issue please contact support and we can look into how this can be changed.

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