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From  version 4.8.4 onwards the Venue theme has the option to add a custom placeholder image which will be displayed when no product image is available.

This article is for merchants who wish to upload a branded placeholder image instead of the default image provided by the theme.

Replace placeholder.png file


  • We recommend using a 900x900 .png image. It must be a .png image, not a .jpeg or .gif.


  1. Head to the Themes area of your Shopify admin. 
  2. On the theme click on the button with the three dots and select the Edit code option.
  3. Scroll down the left hand list of files until you find the 'Assets' folder. Alternatively there's a small search box at the top of the files list. Just type 'assets' in there to save time.
  4. Within this Assets folder you will see a file named 'placeholder.png'. This is the file you will need to replace with your own image.
  5. Click the file to open the image in the code editor and click on the Delete file button found in the top right hard corner. 
  6. Just under the folder icon you'll find an 'add new asset' blue link. Click that to open the upload dialogue window.
  7. Upload your image file. 

  8. Find and open your newly uploaded image in the Assets folder.

  9. Click on the 'Rename' button in the top right hand corner. The image MUST be named: placeholder.png

  10. Click 'Done'

  11. Now check out your store and you will see your placeholder image displaying on all products which have no images.

Important: The image filename needs to be exactly placeholder.png (all lowercase).

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