Venue - Header - Enable a customer account link in your header

This article is for merchants who want to enable customers to log into their store account by providing a link in the store header.

With Safe As Milk themes, the login link is automatically displayed when you enable accounts through your Shopify store admin.

The following article will teach you how to enable this feature on your storefront. 

Activate customer accounts on your Shopify store

Log in your Shopify store admin
Click on Settings then Checkout in the menu grid to reach the customer account settings.

Go the Customer Accounts area and you will see options to enable customer accounts on your storefront.
Select between the two options Accounts are optional or Accounts are required

Information: Shopify provides a number of options for enabling customer accounts and you can find out more about this in their help article. See Shopify Customer Accounts guide here for more details about enabling this setting on your store.


Lastly, save your work and then check that all is working as expected.

After you have enabled customer accounts in your Shopify store admin, you will see a login link appearing on your storefront.

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