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This article is for merchants who want to learn how to set up the FAQ page on their store.

Information: Please note - you won't be able to see the built in FAQ page templates on your store unless you purchase the theme and publish it. Page theme templates are not accessible on demo versions of themes.

Safe As Milk themes come with a built-in template called  page.faq so that you can add frequently asked questions and answers to a specific page.

Assign the FAQ template to your page and edit this template in the Theme Editor

Log in your Shopify store admin
Create a new page or open an existing page in your Shopify store admin.
Scroll down to the template settings dropdown - at the bottom right of the page - where it says Theme Template

Select the relevant template, in this case page.faq template
Select Save.
Now go to your theme Customize area and navigate to the specific page to which you’ve just assigned the template. You can do that quickly by clicking Home page dropdown (in the top bar of your customize screen) and locate the page in question in the dropdown.
Once you are viewing the page in question the sidebar (on the left of your screen) will now show a FAQ page template - click that and you will now to be able start editing your FAQ page.

Once that FAQ tab is open you will be able to see all settings for the template available and add content and re-order it by using the available blocks as follows:
           A. Enable search and categories sidebar 

B. Add a call to action button to your FAQ page 

You could use this feature to link to another page of your store such as your Contact Us page. Note: You need to enter both a link label and a link in order for the button to appear on the page.

Information: Articles are automatically set to appear in accordion/tabbed format with an expandable + (accordion style) display. The theme does this for you so all you need to do is add the information you wish to display.

C. Add categories and content to your FAQ page

(i) If you select to add a category, you will need to enter a heading 

(ii) If you select to add an article, you will need to enter a heading and text. The heading will become the question and the text will become the answer.

Lastly, save your work and then check that all is working as expected.

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