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Theme translations and custom words

Occasionally you may wish to change some of the words we have used when building the user interface of your theme. Here's some examples of why you might want to edit your theme's language.

  • We have used the term 'Subscribe' on the submit button for your newsletter section. You may prefer to use the most emotive 'Join Us'. 
  • Product labels display 'On Sale' on top of your product images when you have reduced the price of your products. You may prefer to use 'On Offer'
  • Our themes are multi language and although these have been carefully created we may have used incorrect grammar or an inappropriate spelling for your local language. For example all nouns are capitalized in German but not in English.

Editing the words in your theme user interface

Log in your Shopify store admin.

Click on  Online Store then Themes in the side menu to get to the themes area of your admin.


Click the  three dot dropdown button next to your active theme to see the actions dialog. Then select Edit default theme content from the dropdown list.


Once you are in the language editor type the word you are trying to edit into the  Filter text box. In this example 'Subscribe'.


Scroll down the list of results until you see the part of the user interface that you are trying to edit. In this case the newsletter form submit button. Change the text to the term your prefer i.e 'Join Us'


Remember to save and then check your work on your live store.

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