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OS 2.0 themes

We sometimes release a new theme version that includes additional features, improve performance and fix bugs. Here's the full list of changes for Creative over time - Creative theme release notes

Automatic updates

If you haven't made any code changes to your theme or installed an app that has changed your theme code, then your theme should update automatically. But in most cases updates won't be automatically applied to your theme as the new version often contains what is called a 'breaking change'. Read more here - Official Shopify article on theme updates

Manual updates

To get the latest version of Creative manually, please log into your store, head to the themes area of the admin and click the Visit theme store at the bottom of the themes page in the admin. Search using Creative as the keyword and click on the theme's thumbnail in the search results. You'll see a button with Add latest theme version on the Creative landing page.

This will install an unpublished fresh copy of the theme that doesn't carry over any settings. This means you'll have to re-do your theme/homepage setup, any custom code or any app integrations manually. More info here - After you add an updated theme

Depending on your store setup this might be a bit of work but normally it's well worth it as the latest version has a lot of great new features and bug fixes. 

Installing the latest version will not affect your current live theme.

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