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This article will bring you through the setup options for your announcement bar, this feature can be used to communicate to your customers as soon as they reach your site.

The announcement bar will sit at the top of the site, making it an ideal place to convey an important message or information on a sale, here's an example from the Venue demo store :

Announcement bar set up 

Log in to your Shopify store admin
Click on Online Store then Themes in the side menu to get to the themes area of your admin.
Click the Customize button next to your active theme to go to the theme editor.
Click on the Announcement Bar option in the left side menu.
From here, you can access a number of settings, which are detailed below :
  • Enable announcement bar - switch the feature on or off.
  • Home page only - if you wish to only display it on the home page.
  • Text - the words you wish to display.
  • Link - where you want users to end up if they click the announcement bar.
  • Background color - the background color of the bar.
  • Text color - the color of the words.

Click Save and check your work.


Try adding the words "click here" into your announcement text, this will prompt your customer to click the bar and be brought to the page you have linked, this is a great way to instantly direct customers to a collection of products that you have on sale or an information page that you have created for example.

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