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It is possible to tailor the product description text that appears within the Quick Shop drawer, allowing you to create a more engaging and informative experience for your customers.

By default the product description gets stripped (or 'escaped') of all HTML formatting. By rendering HTML tags as plain text, we can avoid unexpected rendering discrepancies or broken layouts that could occur if the HTML is interpreted as code.

This article explains how to display a custom short description for each product or simply adjust the length of the description.

Note: Only the Quick Shop drawer displays a product description. The desktop 'hover modal' option does not due to space/design differences.

Customize the product description length

If you simply want to lengthen or shorten the amount of words displayed, following these steps:

  1. Head to the Online store> Themes section of your store admin
  2. Click the Customize button next to the theme you wish to edit
  3. Once the theme editor is open click on Theme settings (cog icon) in the top left of the editor
  4. Click on the Quick Shop collapsible accordion in the left hand menu
  5. Scroll down until you get to the Product description (drawer) slider and adjust to suit

Note: The description word count setting will be ignored if you have added a custom description using metafields - as outlined below.

Customize the description text using metafields (advanced)

  1. Click the Settings cog icon in the bottom left of the admin screen
  2. Click Custom data in the sidebar menu
  3. Click Products from the selection of metafield types
  4. Click the Add definition button, top right of screen
  5. In the 'Name' field type ‘Quick shop description’ - or similar
  6. In the 'Namespace and key' field - change the words so it reads quick_shop.description - use these words exactly in this format
  7. 'Description' field can be whatever you want
  8. Click on the + Select type button
  9. Choose Rich text from the selection
  10. Make sure you give your newly-created metafield access to storefronts by checking the Storefronts check box
  11. Click the Save button

Now you can head to your product page in the admin and you will see your newly created metafield is available for you to add content to:

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