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We've added the ability to display gift wrapping call-to-action in the cart drawer and on the cart page. This enables you to offer your customers the option to add a special touch to their purchases which can be especially useful around holidays and other customer celebrations.

Note: If you customer has a mix of physical and digital/non physical products in their cart the gift wrapping fee will apply as if they are all physical products.

Step 1: Create a gift wrapping product

  1. Head to the Products area of your store admin
  2. Click the Add product button
  3. Set up your gift wrapping product as you would any typical product - it looks best if you add an image to your product
  4. In the Inventory section make sure you have unchecked Track Quantity - the product will not display in your cart if this is checked
  5. If you don’t want the gift wrapping product weight included in shipping price, make sure you have unchecked This is a physical product in Shipping section
  6. Save your product

Important: If you have Track quantity checked in your product admin, the gift wrapping product will not display to your customers in their cart.

Step 2: Display the gift wrapping call-to-action in your cart

  1. Head to the Online store > Themes section of your store admin
  2. Click the Customize button next to the theme you wish to edit
  3. Once the theme editor is open click on Theme settings (cog icon) in the top left of the editor
  4. Click on the Cart accordion/section in the left hand menu
  5. Scroll down until you reach the Gift wrapping part of the Cart settings
  6. Use the product picker button to select your recently created gift wrapping product
  7. You have an option to offer products to be wrapped individually or as a batch.
  8. The customer also is provided with a field to add a gift message which will come through on the order for the gift wrapping product

Note: You have an option to offer products to be wrapped individually or as a batch. If you have selected Wrap products individually your customer will be charged the gift wrapping fee for every item they have in their cart.

Exclude the gift wrapping product from collections

One of the problems with creating a gift wrap product is that is could appear on the 'All products' collection pages, or indeed any automated collection. One of the ways to stop this happening is to add some conditions to exclude it.

Exclude the Gift Wrapping product from your catalog (all products) page

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products > Collections.
  2. Click Create collection
  3. Enter All as the title for the collection
  4. In the Collection type section, select Automated (you can also create a manual collection and manually remove the product but this requires updating when you add new products)
  5. Add some conditions that will exclude the Gift Wrapping product but display your standard products - see image below
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 for any other collections you wish to exclude this product from

Note: You can change the title of your All collection now that the collection has been created. You can use something like 'Welcome' or 'The Store'. It is important, however, that the handle of the collection remains set as /all. Read more on the Shopify support page.

Exclude the gift wrapping product from store search and search engines

Even if you have hidden the Gift Wrapping product from Collections (as outlined above) they will still be visible in your store's search function and by search engines.

The only way (currently) to do exclude these products from search is to use metafields. Follow this article for full a step by step guide on how to achieve this. Huge thanks to the Rusticated site for sharing this method.

Here is a brief summary

  1. Click the Settings cog icon in the bottom left of the admin screen
  2. Click Custom data in the sidebar menu
  3. Click into the Products metafield definition
  4. Click Add definition button
  5. Name the definition Hide from search (or a similar name of your choice)
  6. In the namespace and key field type seo.hidden - in exactly this format using these words
  7. Click on the + Select type button
  8. Choose Integer from the selection
  9. Make sure you give your newly-created metafield access to storefronts by checking the Storefronts check box futher down the screen.
  10. Still in the admin head to the product you wish to exclude and scroll to the bottom of the edit page. Change the Hide from search value to 1 - you can 'undo' this at any time by changing the value back to 0
  11. Test it has worked in your store

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