Venue / Collections / Change the layout & add product filters

Venue contains options to change the layout of the product grid on your collection page along with options to add product filtering and sorting.

How to change the collection page layout

Log in to your Shopify store admin
Click on Online Store then Themes in the side menu to get to the themes area of your admin.
Click the Customize button next to your active theme to go to the theme editor.
Choose your collection page from the page selector at the top of the screen:
To access the layout options click into the Product grid section :                                                     


From here, you can access a number of settings that can change the product grid layout :

  • Products per row (Desktop) - affects how many products are displayed horizontally across the page on desktop.
  • Products per row (Mobile) - affects how many products are displayed horizontally across the page on mobile
  • Rows - affects how many products are displayed vertically before breaking to another page.
  • Enable sorting - use if you wish to display a dropdown with sorting product sorting options.
  • Enable filter sidebar - activate the product filter system.
After you choose the layout of the product grid and whether to enable sorting and filtering, click Save and check your work

More on sorting and filtering

Enabling sorting will provide your customers with a dropdown menu that they can use to select how the products are listed, based on their preference.

Enabling filtering will give the customer access to a sidebar filtering system where they can select specific product details and then be presented with a product list matching those details.

You can find a full guide on setting up sidebar filters linked at the bottom of this article.


Want certain products to take the spotlight before any sorting or filters are applied? Shopify gives you full control over which products are listed first, this setting can be applied within the collection pages of your admin. 

This is a powerful option to help boost the visibility of products that are on sale or to make your bestseller easily findable.

For the steps on this follow this link to Shopify's helpdesk - Change the sort order for the products in a collection

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