Collection page: Change the layout & add product filters

 With our Venue theme there are several options available that can change the layout of your collection pages.

Important: Once the theme editor is open navigate to any collection page. You can use the dropdown at the top of the screen as a shortcut. From here, choose Collections, Default collection followed by Collection page :


Collection page

  • Products per row - affects how many products are displayed horizontally across the page.
  • Rows - affects how many products are displayed vertically down the page.
  • Centre heading and text - an alternative layout for the collection header area
  • Enable sorting - use if you wish to display a dropdown with sorting by price, A-Z, date etc.
  • Collection image settings - hides/shows the image at the top of the collection page.
  • Collection image other - affects display of the featured image at the top of collection.

Sidebar filter

One of the most powerful parts of the Venue theme is the ability to set up link lists or display tags to help your customers filter your products. If you have a small range of products you can simply uncheck the Enable sidebar checkbox and create more screen space for your products.

The two types of product filters are:

  • Menu - a list of links you have created in the Navigation part of the admin.
  • Tag filters - your product tags

More on Menus

This option is very powerful and flexible as you can create a group of links that are collections, products, product type, brands, product status (newly released etc), moods or anything you wish. You can set up numerous link lists :

Please note that the heading of the list will be taken from the menu name have you created in the Navigation part of the admin.

If you need help with setting up menus and link lists have a look at this article from Shopify.

Automated collections

This is a way of creating a 'setup and forget' set of filters in your sidebar.

For example using automated collections you might wish to set up a list of links to enable people to shop by the construction material of a product. You could create a collection called 'Natural fibres' and automatically add any product with a tag of #cotton or #linen or #wool to that collection. When you release your next cotton product it will be added to that collection in your sidebar automatically (as long as you have tagged it correctly).

Read more about automated collections on the Shopify help center or watch the video below.

Shopify Tutorials - Automated Collections from Shopify Tutorials on Vimeo.

Tags filter

By selecting this option you are simply simply displaying a set of tags that have been set up for the products in the particular collection you are viewing. So if your users are viewing the All products collection then they will see all product tags. If they are viewing Shirts then only the tags for products in the Shirts collection will be visible.

Other things to consider when using this type of filter:

  • You can change the heading from 'Tags' to something more suitable like 'Fabric' directly in the editor.
  • User can select more than one tag to drill down into the collection. So the user can filter for items that are both #cotton AND #linen.
  • Users can quickly reset their tags to go back to all items in a collection.