Venue - Sections - Create a link to your delivery partner

Our Venue theme comes with a section called 'Delivery' where you can create a link to a 3rd party delivery partner such as Postmates, Uber Eats or Favor.

This section is not intended for use with products ordered through your Shopify store but is for merchants who use delivery companies to send food, drink and other items directly. 


Setting up your delivery section

1. Decide how high you want the section to be by using the Section height dropdown and choosing Small, Medium or Large.

2. Upload a background image, or use an image already in your library. We recommend an image at least 1400px wide here and a landscape ratio. You don't have to worry too much about height as you can control that with the Section height dropdown (as above)

3. Choose a delivery logo from the ones we have pre-loaded in the theme - or choose No logo if you prefer. If your partner's logo isn't listed you'll need to upload one in the 'Custom logo' field. Something approx 200px x 200px would work here and would look better with a white or transparent background. Skip this last step if you don't want a logo shown.


4. Give the section a heading such as 'We deliver to your door' or leave this field blank for a cleaner look

5. Write some text describing the service and why customers should use it.

6. Create a link to your page on your delivery partners website such as this Bluebottle Coffee page. Give the button a meaningful label such as 'Get a hot coffee now'

7. Don't forget to save your work.

Pro tip: You can also use this section for another purpose if you don't have a delivery partner. A simple call to action for a product, collection or blog post would work equally as well here.

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