Venue / Sections / Set up an age verifier modal

Venue comes loaded with a section called Age checker which may be useful if you sell age restricted products such as alcohol, vaporizers and tobacco.


  • Enable - whether you want to show this popup to users when they reach your store
  • Image - add an image to the left of your text. Leave this empty and the popup will be a minimal text version.
  • Heading - the heading/title of the popup
  • Text - text explaining why you have this popup active.
  • Enter button label - such as Enter, Let Me In or similar
  • Leave button label - such as Leave, No Thanks
  • Leave button link - where you want people to be sent to if they decide not to visit your store



  • You may not have any legal obligation to use this popup.
  • You need to consider how Google will view this popup. From our research age verification popups will not be punished by Google. 

You may find this article useful. Or read the official line from Google.

Please do some research for your country and take the proper advice.

Below is a diagram taken directly from Google about popups.


Image sizes

Please see the related article linked below to learn more about image sizes.

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