General: Venue theme release notes

V5.0.2 / 21 October 2021


  • Heading field reinstated to the Video section

V5.0.1 / 12 October 2021

Features & design

  • Shopify reviews app integration improved - you can now add Shopify reviews and star ratings as a block in the product form - or as a section lower on the page. We've also added a generic 'star rating' block using the standard metafields for convenience.
  • Collapsible reviews tab added as a block - you can now insert Shopify reviews app content into a collapsible tab that can be re-ordered among other tabs. You can also open this tab by default on page load. Additionally you can now display how many reviews have been received for the product in parentheses after the heading like so 'Reviews (6)'
  • Added a placeholder heading when adding a collapsible tab - previously, when you created a collapsible tab it was hard to spot where it was in the stack of product form content as all the tab content fields were blank. We've added the words 'Collapsible tab' as a default heading to improve this.
  • Added app section container width - we've added a checkbox to limit the width of the Shopify reviews app when added as a section. It was too wide and not aligning to other sections.
  • Removed the 5 block limit for 'Text with image' section - this was an oversight - you can now have more blocks.
  • Improved the spacing of button style variants - they were a bit close.
  • Added a 'spacer' block to the custom content section - when creating a layout using the custom content section sometimes images or text wanted to 'float' up next to each other. for example is they were 2/3 and 1/3 wide. Adding a spacer makes them behave themself. This feature was on pre OS 2.0 versions but it got lost in the conversion.
  • Testimonials section now has a rich text input box - allowing for links inside the text i.e if you want to link to the product the customer is talking about.
  • Second image on 'hover' removed from touch devices - it seemed very jumpy when you touched the product image simply to swipe the carousel to the next product. It's better this way.
  • Collection filter minor redesign - checkboxes and price fields are now hollow/outline style, we also added a subtle border to the price slider handles to improve ux.


  • Sort dropdown bug fixed.
  • Special characters now escaped on the product form.
  • Fixed flashing underscore on product form bug.
  • Product sale price was re-connected to colour settings.
  • Slideshow section hidden content bug fixed.
  • Line item property in cart now hidden if first character is an underscore.
  • Blog featured image bug fixed.

V5.0.0 / 31 August 2021

Features & design

  • Sections everywhere - Venue is now fully compatible with Online Store 2.0 . This is the big one. Described by Shopify as 'The new standard in customizability and speed. Use drag-and-drop sections and blocks to create custom pages throughout your store without special coding.' Essentially this means all those great home page sections you love can now be sprinkled throughout your store making much richer product pages, landing pages, about pages etc etc. Used with a new easier templating system this is a powerful tool to build out your store just how you like it.
  • Faceted filtering - all new filters on collection page. You can now set up various filters inside your admin by going to the Navigation area. Facets such as size, colour, brand etc can be displayed. When Collection filtering is enabled, the filter options appear in the sidebar of your product collection listing in your online store. There is no limit to the number of filter criteria a customer can select. After the customer selects a filter option, the resulting list of filtered products will automatically update to display products that match the customer's criteria.
  • Product form blocks - As part of updating the product page form we have added several useful blocks that can be inserted around the 'buy' area on the product page. Text, image, spacer and link are now available. Want to cross sell by adding an image, text and link to an associated product? You can now do that and drag it to wherever you want it.
  • OS2.0  blocks - as part of this project we have added more granular control of the blocks in various sections. In some sections you can now show/hide or rearrange various blocks by dragging and dropping. Always wanted your product variants above the price on the product page? You can now do that.

V4.8.6 / 26 May 2021

Features & design

  • Shop Pay Instalments banners integrated - let's say you have a really nice product in your store but the person viewing it wants to spread the payments. Well now you can set up Shop Pay Instalments and 'give your customers the option to buy now, knowing they can pay in 4 equal payments, interest-free'. The messaging for feature - once activated in the admin - will appear under the buy buttons on the product page.
  • Secondary button style changed to ‘hollow’ style - when using the dynamic 'Buy Now' checkout buttons there's also a secondary 'Add To Cart' button. Previously this secondary button was a solid grey colour. We felt this looked a bit inactive and 'greyed out'. So we've changed to a new hollow style button which keep the button hierarchy in place but looks more clickable. We've also changed some of the other secondary buttons like 'Continue Shopping' in the carts to match.
  • Product page button animation - we've added a tasteful yet delightful animated check mark/tick to the secondary buy button as outlined in the point above.
  • Product gallery navigation dot arrows spaced apart - sometimes it's the little things...we felt the clickable arrow icons on the product galleries were a bit big and overbearing.
  • Smooth page transitions animation option removed - animations can look and feel really nice. Animations can also slow down your store. We felt this animation wasn't adding anything significant to the shopping experience and was best removed to improve performance. 
  • Loading animations duration reduced - we felt that the animation speed of items loading on older computers was too slow. We've made them feel snappier.


  • YouTube no-cookies ‘Video Gallery’ fixed
  • Missing maps API key error fixed
  • Testimonial circled image on product page fixed
  • Collection page and article top image spacing fixed
  • Header logo width and height parameters added (Lighthouse warning)
  • Video Gallery controls unhidden
  • Video Gallery Play button moved below controls
  • Product page and recommended products image sizes corrected
  • Empty Cart Button label updated
  • Hover on buttons disabled for mobile. Should improve double tap issue 
  • Autofill for cart page quantity disabled
  • Social links noopener attribute for accessibility added
  • Aria-Live on sliders disabled for accessibility
  • Search page grey background removed
  • Scroll animation, Slick slider, jQuery & Handlebars plugins updated
  • StickyBits & Autofill plugins removed

V4.8.5 / 12 May 2021


  • Fix for odd loading animation issue when resizing browser window

V4.8.4 / 06 April 2021

Features & design

  • Product placeholder image added - the Venue theme now has the option to add a custom placeholder image which will be displayed when no product image is available for your products. This is useful for merchants who wish to upload a branded placeholder image instead of the default image provided by the theme. Nobody wants to be that 'default' type person right?
  • General accessibility improvements - we have improved the accessibility of the theme working to the A11y standards. This is an ongoing piece of work.
  • LinkedIn social icon added - in the theme editor there's a section where you can set up links to all your social profiles/feeds. You can now create a footer link with a Linkedin icon that ends up on your LinkedIn page. Some say it's like a boring Facebook but we couldn't possibly comment.
  • Continue Shopping and Empty Cart URL options - If your visitor clicks the cart link/icon and the cart is empty there's a button to send them back to the store to do some, like, actual shopping, duh. You can now choose where this button links to by adding a custom link in the theme editor Cart settings. Similarly when your visitor adds something to the cart there is a Continue shopping link/prompt. This is now editable in the theme editor.
  • FAQ page translations - some bits of the page template that enabled you to build a useful FAQ page were not available in the Translations part of the theme code. Elements like the Categories heading could not be easily changed to another language. Hard coding elements like this is hard to forgive. The person responsible has been spoken to.


  • Update account page date format to support Japanese & Chinese characters
  • Slick slider logic updated to account for unavailable variant combinations
  • Cart Emoji colour darkened to add more contrast from background colour
  • Mobile search text colour made black
  • Vimeo playback bug on Video Gallery section fix
  • Other smaller bug fixes

V4.8.3 / 11 Feb 2021

Features & design

  • Slideshow section size is now based on ratio - on earlier versions of the Venue theme the slideshow section would sometimes 'crop' or hide some parts of the image depending on how wide your visitor's browser is on desktop. We've changed how the slideshow works so that the images will maintain a consistent ratio regardless of browser width -  this significantly reduces the chances that part of your image will be hidden. Check this article for more on this subject.
  • General accessibility improvements - we have improved the accessibility of the theme working to the A11y standards. This is an ongoing piece of work.
  • CSS minification for performance improvement - Unlike greed, speed is always good when it comes to websites. We have greatly improved the way we squish all of the CSS code of your store for better performance/loading times. We like speed.
  • Page container maximum width limit removed - when viewed on a very large monitor, with your browser set to full width, your store would display inside a container with a maximum width set by the theme code -  with grey bars either side to make up the rest of the unused real estate on the screen. This was done to stop the design of your store becoming too wide and unwieldy. We have improved the design of the theme so that there is no longer a maximum width container and grey bars - your store just stretches, but in a much nicer way.


  • Testimonials section loading height fix
  • Logo list section loading height fix
  • Search page missing native lazy loading image fix
  • Footer image block width fix
  • Store pickup variant translation fix
  • Store pickup ‘default title’ variant fix
  • Empty ‘selling plan’ cart fix
  • Blog items masonry overlapping loading fix

V4.8.2 / 21 December 2020 


  • Image Slideshow loading height fix
  • Collection swatch image bug fix
  • Slideshow YouTube background video bug fix
  • Gift card text color bug fix
  • Section image size recommendations updated

V4.8.1 / 19 November 2020 

Features & design

  • Recurring payments integration
 - The Venue product page now integrates properly with subscription apps built for Shopify’s native checkout.
  • TikTok social link/icon added
 - TikTok is the hot new thing! Shopify have announced a global partnership with TikTok no less. You can now link to your feed using an icon based link in your store footer - like with all the other social feed icons that ship with Venue. 


  • Ajax cart routes bug fix

  • Ajax cart no image bug fix
Search results translation missing fix
Logo width for FireFox bug fix
Footer payments logo wrapping bug fix
Other smaller bug fixes 

V4.8.0 / 18 November 2020 

Features & design

  • Background color setting added - Do you want a 'dark mode' store? Do you love Fuschia? Does Coral make your inner soul sing with joy? It's now easy to change the background color of your whole store. As an added bonus you can still control the color of your header and footer independently, as you can with some sections. Contrast is a good thing.


  • Major theme performance improvements - A deep analysis and overhaul of Venue's underlying code in order to improvement store speed/page loading speed. Using our page speed tools we are seeing an average of a 15 point improvement over the previous version of Venue. Your speed score will vary. Please look at our article for more context.

Venue 4.7.2 / 26th October 2020

Features & design

  • Local pickup option added -  you can set up the option for customers to pick up their online orders at your retail store, curbside, or any location that you choose.

Venue 4.7.1 / 30th September 2020


  • Gift card template fixes - the CSS assets were not included in the theme code correctly.
  • Password page fixes - the CSS assets were not included in the theme code correctly.

Venue 4.7.0 / 29th September 2020

Features & design

  • Social media tags updated to use platform features - we used to have a setting where you can upload a social media sharing image. We now use the built in platform feature instead.
  • YouTube no-cookie mode enabled by default (GDPR) - YouTube videos display in an iFrame and YouTube used to inject cookies by default - you now have to click play before the YouTube cookie installs.
  • Newsletter section hidden on challenge page - Shopify sometimes sends users to a reCAPTCHA page - including the newsletter Section in this page can push the reCAPTCHA module out of the viewport.


  • SASS to CSS - we have changed the way we provide CSS to the theme. This is to improve page loading speed
  • JavaScript assets optimisation - We are now only loading certain plugins ‘on demand’. This is to improve page loading speed
  • Network connection optimisation - we now pre-connect to servers for faster asset/page loading. 
  • jQuery now included as a separate file - this is for improved app integrations and can help solve issues if the app tries to load jQuery as well as the theme. 


  • Home collection breadcrumbs bug fix - sometimes the paths to certain Collections were not working properly.
  • Custom content page templates centering issue fixed - on very wide screens some of the content wasn’t aligning properly.
  • Vimeo API update for gallery thumbnails - Vimeo changed their API, we changed our theme code to follow.

V4.6.3 / 07 August 2020

Features & design

  • 'Notification' cart type added - the theme now has three types of cart available - Popup, Page and now Notification. We added a Notification cart as many apps need to integrate with the Cart page and the other cart types weren't providing an ideal solution. The Popup cart takes you directly to checkout, so doesn't help with app integration. The Page cart works with the app integrations but breaks the buying flow and takes customers away from the product area. The new Notification cart gives a non-invasive notification and allows the customer to keep shopping before eventually leading to the main cart page (with app integrations) when they are ready.
  • Slideshow Video - new self-hosted .mp4 option added - you can now link to a self hosted video direct from the Shopify files upload area in the admin. This means you don't have to rely on a video being hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. This should make the page load faster too.
  • Collection tag group filtering improved - Previously you could select multiple tags from the same tag group which resulted in lots of empty searches. You can now only select one tag from each tag group resulting in better searches.
  • Custom Page & Product Page section alignment improved - previously if you placed two elements side by side, like some images, the alignment could look a bit janky. We fixed that.


  • Video gallery loading optimised - iFrames are now 'lazily' loaded meaning the code needed to play videos is only loaded when needed i.e in the viewport - resulting in faster page loads.
  • Snippet Render method changed - kinda boring stuff deep in the code but results in faster rendering of the web pages in your store.
  • Sticky elements method changed - we were using an old plugin to achieve the sticky elements like the header and the 'add-to-cart' box in the product page. We have swapped this for a native CSS method.


  • Cart page note bug fixed - previously if you were using the Popup cart and you had edited your cart code, the note for the merchant sometimes disappeared.
  • Events feed organisation API bug fixed - the people at Eventbrite updated their API, we updated our code to follow.
  • Events mobile grid layout bug fixed - previously the events section could look broken on certain mobile devices.
  • Mobile quick buy buttons bug fixed - previously if the store visitor's screen was both touch and mouse input - like on some Chromebooks - the quick buy buttons might not work.
  • Mobile sidebar account link bug fixed - previously, on a mobile device, the 'My Account' link in the sidebar wasn't working properly.
  • Page Template section bug fixed - there are unique three page section templates available to select in the page editor. In the previous version two of these templates displayed the same content due to a typo in the code.

V4.6.2 / 02 April 2020 

- Theme now supports Shopify multi-language feature
- Improvements to Shopify multi-currency feature
- Theme currency converter removed. From now on stores need to use Shopify multi-currency feature
- Increased base container width
- Added 2 new page with sections templates
- Collections list not visible on mobile bug fix
- Video gallery Vimeo height bug fix
- Unit price sold out fix
- Article structured data added
- Cart checkbox error position fix
- Blog date for translations fix
- Multiple featured products swatch bug fix
- Gift card template print style improvement
- Quick buy buttons are now visible on mobile for hover style
- Color swatch adding to cart bug fix
- Color swatch  translations added for trigger word
- Product media control colors synced with settings

V4.6.1 / 18 March 2020 

- YouTube API bug fix that caused Slideshow video to fail

V4.6.0 / 13 February 2020 

- Product media update
- Instagram section removed
- General accessibility improvements
- Google structured data reviews app fields removed

V4.5.2 / 12 December 2019 

- Header icons style loading flash fixed
- Product page scroll jump bug fixed
- Stock notice API method fixed
- Stock notice homepage styling fixed
- jQuery and Handlebars plugins updated to latest version
- Featured product text override field added
- Testimonials lazy-loading images added
- Pre-connect to YouTube for faster loading

V4.5.1 / 21 November 2019 

- Header logo overflowing width bug fixed

V4.5.0 / 19 November 2019 

- Product page new clean layout
- Product page improved classic layout
- Product page low inventory stock notice
- Product page unit pricing
- Product page tax notice
- Product page updated image zoom
- Product page template with additional sections is now default
- Header logo mobile size control added
- Header clickable parent links switch added
- Homepage slideshow loading improvements
- Other general loading performance improvements
- Product label percentage formula fixed
- FAQs template search reset bug fixed
- Rich Text Editor image sizing bug fixed
- IE11 logo positioning fix

V4.4.1 / 09 September 2019 

- Shopify native currency converter integrated 
- Slideshow background video mobile support
- Cart terms and conditions checkbox
- Facebook pixel double add to cart record fix
- Extra small typography option added
- Swatch images not stretching fixed
- Other smaller bug fixes and improvements

V4.4.0 / 22 August 2019 

- Collection tag filter groups
- Collection filter sidebar drawer on desktop
- 2 columns option on mobile for every product grid
- All header layouts can be set to sticky now
- Header variable height
- Header ‘scroll up’ to reveal feature
- Product variant selection buttons and swatches layouts added
- Product swatches with custom colors and images
- Product grid show product details on hover
- Header navigation separate typography options
- ‘from’ in front of the price if it varies
- Promo popup content blocking bug
- Theme developer credit removed
- Other smaller bug fixes and improvements

V4.3.2 / 28 June 2019 

- Password page Shopify link ref nofollow fix

V4.3.1 / 13 June 2019 

- Improved Slideshow loading 
- Google structured data improvements (added reviews)
- Sticky header on mobile jump fix
- FAQ sticky categories spacing fix
- Other smaller bug fixes

V4.3.0 / 27 May 2019 

- Recommended products feature added
- Related products feature removed
- Cart and Order page automatic discounts added

V4.2.1 / 24 April 2019 

- Support link change

V4.2.0 / 17 April 2019 

- Google structured data correct setup
- Currency converter bug fixes
- Logo overlapping with search icon fix
- Select dropdown spacing issue fix
- Featured product sale price color change
- Other smaller bug fixes

V4.1.2 / 31 January 2019

- Events feed date bug fix
- Async scripts wrong attribute corrected

V4.1.1 / 25 January 2019

- Product page background height fix
- Home page slideshow loading improved

V4.1.0 / 24 January 2019

- Extensive performance improvements
- Better animations handling
- Product page testimonials and content sections added
- Page sections template added
- Blog & article featured collection added
- Contact page improvements & map
- Maps section setup restructure
- Product labels improvements (new & custom labels)
- On sale price color picker
- Header search icon for mobile added
- Promo popup mobile switch added
- New product page ‘Add to cart’ area image setting
- Lazy loading third-party integrations
- Theme assets naming change
- Google+ integration removed
- Other smaller bug fixes

V4.0.1 / 17 December 2018

- Dynamic checkout buttons enabled by default
- Small bug fixes

V4.0.0 / 25 October 2018

- Introduced theme animations
- Product grid image cropping setting
- Pagination numbers on mobile exposed 
- Mega navigation hover outside fix
- Tables added via RTE overflow on mobile fix

V3.8.0 / 29 August 2018

- FAQs page template
- New testimonials section
- New logo list section
- Breadcrumbs navigation on product page
- Other small improvements and bug fixes

V3.7.1 / 17 July 2018

- Vimeo thumbnail bug fix

V3.7.0 / 17 July 2018

- New Shopify Payment icons in the footer
- New Slideshow section text color options
- Improved content handling for Video gallery section
- Announcement bar text size adjusted
- Other small improvements and bug fixes

V3.6.0 / 10 July 2018

- Quick 'add-to-cart' buttons feature on product grids
- Review stars on product grids and 'Featured product' section
- Currency converter added to header and sidebar menus
- Background color picker for header, footer and newsletter section
- Social media image upload
- Mobile grid or carousel layout option on 'Featured collection' 'Events' & 'Related products'
- Video gallery thumbnail replacement
- Mega-navigation items expand width automatically
- 'Featured product' section re-designed
- Settings schema links updated to a new knowledge base platform
- Products settings schema optimized
- Google product page schema errors fixed
- Various color dropdown settings replaced with native color picker UI
- Other small design changes and minor bug fixes

V3.5.0 / 30 May 2018

- New Shopify font picker setting integration
- Rich text field where customer email signup fields appear

V3.4.0 / 25 Mar 2018

- Dynamic checkout buttons feature support

V3.3.0 / 28 Feb 2018

- Responsive images across the theme
- Second image on hover option
- Continue shopping button added to popup cart

V3.2.0 / 14 Feb 2018

- Section parity update
- New Newsletter section
- New Rich text section
- Center content option on collection pages

V3.1.0 / 30 Jan 2018

- Mega navigation feature
- Sidebar drawer call to action added

V3.0.0 / 09 Jan 2018

- New liquid syntax for multi-level navigation
- More post layout options to Instagram section
- Slideshow full width option
- New Image slideshow section
- Mobile replacement image for Slideshow section  
- List collections page improvement 
- Collection item replacement image 
- Improved product gallery zoom 
- New blog layout options 
- Footer blocks improved

V2.3.0 / 30 Oct 2017

- New Custom content section
- Two new page templates to allow width choice
- Brand border size control

V2.2.0 / 30 Oct 2017

- Overlay strength control setting for multiple sections
- Minor bug fixes

V2.1.0 / 06 Sep 2017

- Minor bug fixes

V2.0.0 / 20 Jul 2017

- Lazy loading images
- Sticky header options
- New range picker settings added
- New Custom HTML section
- Slideshow section performance improvements
- Improved navigation stability on touch devices
- Blog categories added

V1.2.0 / 19 Jul 2017

- Classic layout option added for product page
- Events section using flexbox styling
- Vendor link on product page option

V1.1.0 / 05 Jul 2017

- New Image grid with text section
- Re-worked flexbox
- IE stability improvements
- Special character navigation support


- Initial theme release