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Before you open your store for the first time or when you doing some major work you may wish to show a Opening Soon page to your visitors.


1. Enable your password page

To enable your page you need to go to the Preferences part of you admin for your Online Store.


Here you need to:

  • Check the checkbox to enable the page.
  • Choose a password that you and any staff members will use to access the main site.
  • Add some text. This text will appear on the password page.
  • Click save.

2. Customize your password page

In order to customize your password page you need to enable it first (see above). Once enabled you can click this link to get you to right part of the theme editor.

Here you have two sections you can customize.


  • Logo image - upload a custom logo if you wish.
  • Custom logo width - choose the width of your logo - usually the same as the main site
  • Show brand border - show or hide the colored border at the top of the site


  • Background image - upload a background image if you wish.
  • Show newsletter signup - you can show or hide a newsletter signup form. Learn more about what happens when people sign up using this form here.
  • Show social sharing - Show or hide the group of social icons.
  • General settings - this allows you to show or hide individual social icons. You set your icons up by going to the main General settings > Social part of the theme editor. You can also customize your general site colors and fonts in the main General settings area.

Click Save when done.

Image sizes

Please see the related article linked below to learn more about image sizes.

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