Venue - General - Get answers before buying the theme

We understand that buying the right theme for your Shopify powered store is an important decision. We have compiled our most frequently asked 'pre-sales' questions below. We hope these help you reach a happy conclusion. Feel free to get in touch if we can help with any further questions you might have.

1. What sort of businesses use Venue?

Venue is very versatile and works for all kinds of stores. It caters for merchants who sell exclusively online but is also good for those who sell online AND in physical stores. Every day Venue is used to power stores selling a variety of different products across a range of industries all around the world. 

The three demo stores we have set up are just a small indication of what you can do with Venue. Have a look at the real stores listed at the bottom of the store listing to see the theme 'in the wild'.

2. Where can I view the demo stores for Venue? 

Our listing in the theme store can be found here. The listing has three different demo stores available for you to check out. You can also install a trial version of the theme to your store's admin.

Anything you see on these demo stores was created using only the theme's native features and have no apps installed. Everything on the demo site is possible to replicate on your store as well. We regularly design and add new features to the theme. Have a look at our release notes to see what we've added during the theme's lifetime.

Additionally - whenever Shopify adds new features to their platform - such as Augmented Reality or product videos - we update our theme to support the new features. It's a requirement by Shopify to keep our theme in the official Shopify store.

3. Can I visit the three demo stores directly?

Yes you can - here are the links:

Morning - an apparel store:

Evening - a craft beer store:

Weekend - a homeware and lifestyle store:

4. Is there a difference between Venue's presets?

No. Apart from the presentation and the sections we have chosen to display, the presets are the same theme. The presets, called Morning, Evening and Weekend, mainly just differ in the brand colours and fonts. Each demo uses different page sections in different ways but all sections are available to be used in all presets.

Obviously the products and photography are unique to each presets as they would be to your store. Switching between presets doesn't do more than simply change some colors and fonts and a few sections. All theme features remain available to be used whichever preset you begin with.

The presets do not come with any dummy content installed. You will need to add your own products, lifestyle images, text and any other content. As with any Shopify theme, the presets are just the starting point for you to build your own store.

5. Do you provide support? 

Yes. We're delighted to answer any theme related questions, provide some basic CSS code and of course fix bugs created by our code. However, we can't offer any custom development or fix issues caused by third-party apps.

Our theme has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use and customize using the theme editor. Merchants frequently comment on its ease of use while setting up their store. Please take a look at the reviews near the bottom of our store listing page for reassurance.

If you're looking for help customizing your theme, integrating with third-party apps or theme update installations, consider reaching out to one of the Shopify Experts.

6. Is the theme price a one-time payment?

Yes the theme is a one-time payment and it comes with free updates .
We regularly update the theme to add new features. 

7. Do you update the theme regularly?

Yes. Take a look at our release notes on this page to get an idea of the type of update we carry out and how frequently. All theme updates are free of charge and we are happy to help you with advice on setting up new features added to the theme.

8. Is your theme as easy set up as the free themes?

Yes, our theme is similar to how the free themes work but there's more features and page sections available.

This makes it easier to set up a powerful and sophisticated store without needing any coding experience or installing Shopify apps in many cases. We are happy to give advice on getting the most out of your theme.

Everything on our demo stores was created using only the built-in theme features. Our Venue theme was built exclusively for use with the Shopify platform so it supports the checkout, shipping and other functions available on the platform.

9. Does Venue support multilingual and multiple currency features?

Yes. Venue supports both the multilingual and multiple currency checkout features from Shopify.

10. Does your theme come with a newsletter pop-up?

Yes, our Venue theme includes a pop-up for newsletter sign-ups by default. 
It can be enabled and customized using the Theme Editor. You can also use this pop-up for other functions, like alerting customers to sales or new releases.

11. Does your theme come with an age checker pop-up?

Yes, our Venue theme includes a 'page takeover' pop-up so you can verify your customer's age before they enter the site. You can see this in use on the Evening preset.

Please use this link to see the age checker in action.

12. Does Venue come with an account function?

Yes. Venue comes with support for a login option, we just don't have it set up on the demo stores. When you activate customer accounts through the Checkout settings of your Shopify admin account, a login button/link will appear in the header of your store.

13. Does your theme include a contact form?

Yes. Venue includes a standard pre-built contact form page template. It can also be customized to add a map or some contact details if needed. For example: Venue demo store - contact form page
It's quick and easy to activate the contact form template in a page and here’s our guide for this. 

14. Can I try out the theme’s page templates on my store?

No. Unfortunately, while the theme is in trial mode Shopify restricts access to theme code and the theme's templates. It's not possible to access custom templates or to adjust the theme’s code until you purchase the theme.

15. Does Venue support Google structured data?

Yes. The theme has inbuilt support for Google structured data.

16. Does Venue support color swatches?

Yes. Venue comes with the option to add color (and image) swatches to your product and collection pages.

You can also display swatches on the featured product and featured collection sections of your homepage. When a customer clicks on a swatch, the product image displayed changes accordingly.
 You can see our swatches in action on our demo product page here

Here's our guides on setting up color swatches and image swatches.

17. If I buy the theme do I have to start over again?

No. If you purchase Venue, it will download the latest theme version and it will also allow you to continue working on the previous customizations you made while in trial mode.

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